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Get Paid to Click Online

How about getting paid for clicking on some stuff online? Well, the internet presents countless paid to click ad websites that guarantee you a few bucks after you view recommended ads. Most of these sites only need you to register, after which you proceed to make easy money. However, while there might be many credible sites that will pay you to perform their specified tasks, you should be aware of scammers. In this line of work, it is common to encounter fraudulent sites that will waste your precious time doing their bid, yet you will not be paid a dime.

How to Earn from Clicks

Whenever you visit a website, it is hard to miss appealing pop up ads asking you to visit sites. Such are usually in image or text format and come with attractive messages that may tempt you to click and check them out. If you own a site, you will be prompted to use such ads to monetize your site and earn accordingly.

Website ads may be the doing of private ad networks, but you could also use Google Adsense if you own a website. This comes in handy to help you earn through impressions and clicks. An impression is when a person browsing through websites sees an ad while a click is an actual interaction with an ad by clicking to open its landing page.

Clicks come along with more rewards than impressions, hence the reason sites pay for you to click. Moreover, advertisers and website owners will pay you to click on their ads in a bid to drive traffic and prospective customers to their websites.

Legit Paid to Click (PTC) sites give handouts if you are willing to click on their ads. Some of the popular sites that can guarantee you some dollars in this regard include Swagbucks, InboxDollars, Fusion Cash, ClixSense, BTC clicks, and Bux Inc, among others i need money.

How Much Can You Make from PTCs?

If you are out to make some quick money or a lot instantly, this might not be the best venture for you. While some dollars might trickle down your accounts for a time, you cannot quit your full-time job; the earnings come in slow and might not satisfy your way of life. Most sites will pay you about $ 0.01 per click and may limit your clicks to a specific number of times. This means, to land a full dollar, you will have to click about 100 times. As such, you will need to open an account with many sites if you intend to make any significant money from this endeavor.

Consequently, it is advisable to consider this venture a free-time hustle that you can conduct for at most one hour during your free time. Over engagement in this will deny you priceless time and effort to focus on better-paying tasks.

Boosting Your Chances of Earning with PTC Sites

Like in other online ventures, to land significant money with PTC, there is a need to put some efforts.  It might not be a high-paying venture, but it is always good to maximize your chances. After all, what is the need to engage in the endeavor if you are not looking to earn the best from it?

Among the ways you can boost your earnings with PTC sites is going for those sites that offer bonuses for referrals. Some of these sites will offer you referral bonuses if you can convince your friends to join their bandwagon. You can convince your friends by posting on your social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter about your interaction with your preferred PTC sites and encourage them to join. You can then provide a referral link and outright proof that you are earning from the venture.

Providing proof of earnings comes in handy to convince even the most hesitant of your friends. In another perspective, some of these sites have a ladder structure bonus system, which means you get a percentage of what each person bellow you earns.

How to Avoid PTC Rip-offs

Online ventures are subject to the con game, and if you are not careful, you are likely to get scammed. There are many fake PTC sites that will trick you with a promise of high earnings only to relieve you of your hard-earned money or waste your time for nothing. Should you see a site purporting to give you high payouts for a single click, you should take off. This is a slow venture that does not give a lot of money in an instance.

Stay clear of sites offering to pay you more than $0.50 per click or those with enticing promises of high hourly rates. If you intend to join a specific PTC site, be keen to do background research. Go through their Terms of Service and FAQ pages to get more information.

If any PTC site is asking you to pay for a membership fee, walk away from such. While some sites have premium memberships that you can purchase, be keen to know which are legit through intensive research.