Revisiting Reason

I used to make a lot of campy IDM and ambient/experimental back in 1999-2007ish or something. I mainly used FastTracker, Fruity Loops, Acid Pro and then eventually Reason and Audacity. Then I took a break by programming a lot and have revisited Reason and Audacity again.

A track a day

Making half-decent music means making a LOT of horrible and sub par music. So I started this “make one or two tracks a day” thing to force myself to create something even if it wasn’t the best. Some turns out better than others and it is in my hope I’ll have more hits than misses eventually.

A project theme

The problem with making music without direction is making a bunch of things that don’t necessarily have a connection. At least for me. So I decided to make a soundtrack for a non-existent sci-fi movie where there are thematic songs such as: the love theme, the chase theme, the final theme, etc.

Well I’m done and the soundtrack is free to download (but you are more than welcome to give money if you want) and it’s 18 minutes in a single mix.

What does a concept soundtrack make you think about?

I am curious what kind of scenery and ideas you imagine when you listen to this mix. Is it actually involved in space like on the cover art? Or is it some version of Earth a hundred years later? Or does it involve dinosaurs that speak a human language?