Twelve months ago …

A year ago I publicly announced Meatspace as an experiment in realtime chat with animated GIFs. The emphasis in some media reports was about the GIFs as the entertainment value, but the community that actually used it really believed it was more about the human interaction with facial reliance as an important part of the communication.

It’s been a crazy ride since that started - I’ve been invited to so many amazing conferences and met so many amazing people. To this day it still baffles me that a small open source project grew to this positive cult following of sorts with people from all over the world.

Everything ebbs and flows as part of life

Sometimes it’s tempting to hold onto something for fear of people forgetting who you are. Sometimes it’s tempting to try and make one little change in the system to see if people can understand what my consciousness is trying to share. Sometimes that hits a limit and it’s time to move on to new experiments and ways of understanding how we can connect humans together through technology.

Over the past weekend, I decided it was best to let go of this project I started and have trusted Meatspacers @brycebaril and @kid_ic4rus manage all deployment and official decisions.

A part of me feels torn about letting go of the main responsibilities of the project but I am still a part of the community. But a big part of me is always needing to explore and find even more obscure, weird, crazy ways to understand how we understand each other.

New projects on the horizon …

I want to think about these hard problems even more. I want to think about it outside of the context of Meatspace and in a new paradigm. To do that I need to let go of one as much as I can to absorb myself into another.

See you on the other side … <3