I like chat

I like chat and node and websockets.

I like GIFs

I like animated GIFs

please refresh

What about ...

So on one fine day, I asked Sole who is the resident WebRTC + GIF expert whether it was possible to take a picture of a person after they hit the enter key while posting a message and generate an animated GIF? She said “I don’t see why not!”

Then we made it this meatspace chat thing.


Then we kept it under the wraps for a few months just testing with colleagues at Mozilla and eventually I announced it publicly at RealtimeConf.

Now we have a Meatspace community

Within a few weeks we’ve created a healthy and hilarious community of techies, non-techies, oldies, youngies, women and men who all have been affected by the meatspace vortex.

Feel free to check out the codebase or get some Meatspace gear.

Or just visit the damn site! https://chat.meatspac.es