Sandy the poo worm

It has launched!

I forced myself to finish up the game to include a final boss and now it’s more or less done!

Although it was a bit of a trek, the hard part is complete and now I can start adding all the little fun things.

I’ve added ascension support so that when you kill the boss you can start new jobs and carry over your previous gold.

To simplify extra health purchases, refueling is now located at various pharmacy outlets on certain levels. If you have less than 100 health, a message will pop up to let you know where to find this pharmacy.

There may be some bugs that I have not yet encountered, so if you do find any, please report them here: https://github.com/ednapiranha/noodlerpg/issues.

As more things are added, I’ll consider creating some sort of game wiki so that it isn’t a complete mystery how everything operates :)